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Drug & Alcohol Abuse - Employees Training Booklets (pkg of 10)


Drug & Alcohol Abuse – Employees Training Booklets (pkg of 10)


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Alcohol abuse and the use of illegal drugs has become a major problem in the workplace.  Substance abuse can not only hinder an employee’s ability to perform their job duties safely, accurately and efficiently, but can lead to serious consequences.  According to the Department of Labor, nearly three quarters of those who use illegal drugs also work and one in every ten people in the U.S. has an alcohol problem.
When people who abuse drugs and alcohol come to work, they bring with them their substance abuse problems.  This is an accident waiting to happen. Often they even engage in the use of various substances while at work or during lunch or other breaks. Alcohol and drug abuse affects not only the employee but eryone around them. Workplace drug and alcohol abuse is a very serious problem for everyone.

This 16 page booklet is an excellent resource to compliment our training program, and addresses the following areas:

Reasons for substance abuse
Risk factors
Signs of abuse and dependence

Impact on employees
Drug testing
Overcoming substance abuse

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