Crane Safety – Hand Signals Training Booklets (pkg of 10)


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Cranes are used in many different settings including: the transport industry for loading and unloading freight; the manufacturing industry for moving, lifting and lowering equipment and parts; and in the construction industry for moving materials to various locations at the work site. Generally the items being lifted are heavy and beyond the capability of being moved by human strength alone.  For this reason, the crane has become a vital piece of equipment in all industries.
The crane operator needs the help of many others to ensure the load is rigged, lifted, moved and landed safely.  The operator is not always able to see the load being moved, the area surrounding the route of the move and/or the landing area.  For this reason the services of a signal person are generally required.  A signal person is a vital part of crane operations and provides signals to guide the crane operator as the load is moved.  While there are different options available for signal personnel to communicate with the crane operator, this training booklet iwll focus onhand signals which is the most common methos used.

This 16 page booklet is an excellent resource to compliment our training program, and addresses the following areas:

The crane operator
The signal person



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