Computer Workstation Safety DVD




Today much of the work we do involves computers, whether it’s in the warehouse or in the accounting department. And just like any other type of equipment, we need to know what potential problems may be involved in working with computers as well as how to use computers safely. NSC’s training products on “Computer Workstation Safety” review the safe use of computers, and offer practical solutions to many potential problems. Topics covered in these products include:

  • Organization of work materials.
  • Maintaining “neutral” positions.
  • Positioning the back and torso.
  • Avoiding and relieving eyestrain.
  • Avoiding and relieving muscle strain.
  • Tension and stress reducing exercises.

This program contains¬† a Trainer’s Guide, 1 booklet, quiz, certificate and the DVD.

A two-minute preview of the video is available by clicking here.


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