Automotive Mechanic Banner


Full-Color Safety Banner
15oz Scrim, Glossy Vinyl
6 Grommets for Hanging
English OR Spanish
Banner Size 36″ x 48″
Order 11 or more banners and the price is $49.95 each.Discount will be given at the shopping cart

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3′ x 4′ Full-Color Motivational Banner for Auto Mechanic Safety
Auto Mechanic Safety
TEAMWORK Be considerate to those working with you. Remember that together everyone accomplishes more!
PAY ATTENTION Be aware of what your co-worker is doing. Check to make sure you are working on the correct task needed.No horseplay!
USE THE PROPER TOOL Don’t try to take shortcuts by using the wrong tool. Do not use a screwdriver as a box opener or use pliers as a wrench.
KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN Put tools and equipment in the correct location after use. Recoil hoses so they do not become a tripping hazard. Clean up all trash and debris.
WEAR REQUIRED PPE Know when and what PPE is required for you. Know how to use and maintain your PPE. Do not wear baggy clothing that can easily get caught on/in equipment.
TRAINING Proper training is important to ensure the safety of you and your co-workers. Know how to properly complete your task and the hazards involved. If you have questions about a task, ask your supervisor!


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