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Asbestos Still Kills Safety Poster


Asbestos Still Kills Safety Poster


Full-Color Motivational Poster
2-sided, Encapsulated Lamination
English OR Spanish
Standard Size 18″ x 24″
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Full Color Motivational Safety Poster 18″ x 24″ Laminated
WHAT IS ASBESTOS?Asbestos is the name given to a group of naturally occurring minerals used commercially for their fiber strength and their resistances to fire, heat and chemicals.
WHERE IS ASBESTOS FOUND?Asbestos can be found in many items such as cement, concrete blocks, insulation, roofing, plastics, floor tiles, paints, coatings, adhesives, gypsum wallboard, and fireproofing materials. This is especially true of many building type materials manufactured before 1990. Asbestos continues to be used in some products such as brake shoes and clutch pads.
WHAT ARE THE HEALTH HAZARDS OF ASBESTOS EXPOSURE?Asbestos is classified as a known human carcinogen. The inhalation of asbestos fibers by workers can cause serious diseases of the lungs (cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis) and other organs. Exposure generally occurs only when the asbestos-containing material is disturbed in some way that releases particles and fibers into the air. If exposed to asbestos, you should inform your doctor immediately. All forms of asbestos are considered dangerous and harmful
WHAT ARE SOME OF THE SYMPTOMS OF ASBESTOS RELATED DISEASES?Symptoms of asbestos related disease may not manifest until many years after exposure. If any of the following symptoms occur you should consult with a medical expert: shortness of breath, wheezing or hoarseness, coughing up blood, persistent cough, difficulty swallowing, swelling in the face or neck, loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue or anemia. The chest x-ray is currently the most common tool used to detectasbestos-related diseases.
HOW CAN EMPLOYEES PROTECT THEMSELVES?Employees should use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment and follow all rules and guidelines established by their employer, OSHA and other governing agencies.

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