Aerial & Scissor Lift Training Booklets (pkg of 10)




In many work situations, employees are required to perform tasks at elevated levels.  Even though the type of work being performed may vary greatly from one industry to another, the means by which employees are lifted to the needed height is generally the same.  This booklet will discuss aerial lifts and scissor lifts-the devices used to lift employees to those elevated worksites.  In some ways aerial lifts and scissor lifts are similar in function and use but there are distinct differences.  Those differences will be highlighted throughout this booklet.

This 16 page booklet is an excellent resource to compliment our training program, and addresses the following areas:

  • OSHA standard
  • Training
  • Inspections
  • Selecting the right lift
  • Safety procedures
  • Fall protection
  • Shutdown procedures
  • Types of aerial lifts
  • Scissor lifts