Federal & State Poster Sets

Compliant With 2021 Labor Law Requirements

All Posters:

- Start at $30/set
- Available In English And Spanish
- Laminated For Durability
- Contain State, Federal, And OSHA Required Postings
-Downloadable PDFs Available Now (see below)

*Some States May Require Industry Specific Postings That Can Be Purchased 

Posting Requirements: The U.S. Department of Labor requires certain notices, applicable to labor laws, be displayed in the workplace. If these notices are not posted, the employer could face penalties and fines. We provide these notices in one simple poster that can easily be displayed at your workplace.

Email Notification Service: Each Labor Law Poster customer will receive an email to inform you of any MAJOR changes to your State or Federal Posters to help you stay in compliance. You can opt-in to this FREE service by visiting our LLP Opt-In page.

Our posters are now available to download as PDFs. This is a great option for remote workers. You are able to email them to the workers or upload to your company network for access by your employees only.  PDFs are not printable but for viewing purposes only.

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Poster Protection Plan

State and federal posting requirements are subject to change at any time. While your poster is guaranteed to be accurate at the time of purchase, we cannot promise a change to one of your required postings will not happen. Our one-year Poster Protection Plan offers an easy and affordable way to stay compliant throughout the year. Purchase our Poster Protection Plan and leave the compliance to us. Approximately 30 days prior to the end of your plan’s expiration we will email you about purchasing the updated posters and renewing your plan. Simple. Easy. Compliant.

$29.95 Annually

Any time a mandatory change occurs to one of your plan-covered posters, we will ship you a free updated poster while your Poster Protection Plan is active. Simply discard the old poster and display the new one.

Managing Multiple Locations?

Managing multiple locations can be a bit stressful. It is our goal to help relieve some of your stress by providing a simple solution.

Our State and Federal posters ensure each location is displaying all the necessary and up-to-date postings. To maintain compliance and reduce risk, add our Poster Protection Plan.

In addition, we have a number of Safety Motivational Posters as well as training products to help you meet your compliance needs.

You can choose any or all the options below for a custom plan that fits the specific needs of your business. 

Ship To Multiple Locations

We are prepared to handle your shipping needs. Whether you need posters for several locations in one state or thousands nationwide, we're able to help make shipping easy for you.

Competitive Pricing And Flexible Billing

Billing to a single location or many, pay by PO or Credit Card. We have the solution to meet your needs.

Constant Monitoring

Our Labor Law Specialists are constantly checking labor law changes for each state and updating the posters when needed to make sure your posters are as up-to-date as possible. We'll even email you when a state makes any major changes. Use our Poster Protection Plan to keep your posters up to date automatically.