How It Works – Digital Content

Compatible devices:

Content is consumed via a custom player which needs to be installed on your device(s).  The player gives you access to all content available online and manages downloads to your computer.

For Store Purchases/Rentals

  1. During purchase you create a user login with your email address
  2. Follow the instructions in the email to install the player and login
  3. The content is accessible in the player

If you want to try some demo content before you buy, please follow the instructions below and redeem the code to view our Introduction to OSHA video.

Interested but want to see a demo first?

Just follow these simple steps to view our “Introduction to OSHA” video. This video discusses the history of OSHA, why they were created and some additional information on what they do. You will need to download the LYNX player to your device. Rest assured it will only download the player and no other items will be downloaded to your device. The player download is free and the demo is free.

iPad/iPhone Users:

  1. Click here and follow prompts

All other platforms:

  1. Click on the platform you will be using to download the correct LYNX player for your device.
  2. Install app on the device of your choice.
  3. “Redeem Code” using this code: RBNA-KVPW-SKAT-TXSM
  4. Login if you have an account or you may Create Account.
  5. You will now be able to view our “Introduction to OSHA” video. Any future content purchased will be added to your account automatically (no code needed).