OSHA Training Safety Games

The Safety Game is the most exciting safety training product in twenty years! When you use the Safety Game, employees actually look forward to safety meetings.

The Safety Game is a "Jeopardy" style, computer-based training game that involves all your employees in the training process.

Employees are divided into teams that compete to obtain the best score. The trainer acts as the game show host, controlling the game board through the computer (the computer image is projected on a wall or screen in the classroom, or connected to a large monitor).

Each game consists of a 20- to 25-question match. Questions are divided into information categories from the game's safety or regulatory compliance topic. The questions can also be revised or replaced so that they conform to your company's specific practices.

Each Safety Game topic is $129.00. For quantities of 5 or more, please contact customer service at
1-877-922-7233 for a discounted price.

Download a demo of the Safety Game!

Item# Title of Game Quantity
SG121 Bloodborne Pathogens
SG107 LockOut/TagOut
SG101 Right-To-Know
SG123 Forklift
SG125 Personal Protective Equipment
SG126 Respiratory Protection
SG006 Safety Orientation
SG001 Back Safety
SG002 Fire Prevention
SG021 Office Safety
SG017 Industrial Ergonomics Safety
SG016 Office Ergonomics Safety
SG008 Electrical Safety
SG015 Driving Safety
SG024 Workplace Violence
SG032 Accident Investigation
SG111 Emergency Planning
SG013 Eye Care & Safety
SG033 Safety Audits
SG004 Slips, Trips & Falls