Floor Signs

18" Wet Floor Safety Cone

18 in Wet Floor Safety Cone  
This spring-loaded pop-up safety cone is 18 inches tall and 21 inches wide at its base. It is colored bright orange for high visibility and has a rubber foot on each leg. The cone folds for compact storage inside the wall mountable tube.
Item# Description Price Quantity
WFC-18 18" Wet Floor Safety Cone with Storage Tube $15.00

16" Wet Floor Pocket Safety Cone

16 in Wet Floor Safety Cone  
Safety cones are the first line of defense against slip and fall accidents. Pocket cones allow for immediate response to a spill or other potential hazardous floor conditions. This lightweight cone compacts into a disc form which allows easy storage. The HI-visibility yellow bilingual cones can be seen from a 360° radius. By marking a spill immediately the liability has been reduced significantly.
Item# Description Price Quantity
WFC-16 16" Wet Floor Safety Cone $10.75
Double-sided floor signs:
  • Made of lightweight 4 mil. corrugated polyethylene material
  • Printed on four sides, one message on the outside and another message on the inside
  • Water-proof
  • Fold easily for convenient storage
  • 20" H x 12"W

"Caution: Overhead Hazard/Hazardous Area" Floor Sign (#FS18)

Overhead Hazard Sign

Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Chemical Spill/Keep Clear "Floor Sign (#FS5)

Chemical Spill

Qty: $19.95 each

"Danger: Men Working/Confined Space"Floor Sign (#FS21)

Confined Space Floor Sign
Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Locked Out/Do Not Enter" Floor Sign (#FS13)

Locked Out Floor Sign
Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Wet Floor/Slippery When Wet" Floor Sign (#FS1)

Wet Floor - Floor Sign

Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Do Not Enter/Keep Out" Floor Sign (#FS8)

Do Not Enter/Keep Out Floor Sign
Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Tripping Hazard/Watch Your Step" Floor Sign (#FS36)

Watch Your Step Floor Sign

Qty: $19.95 each

"Do Not Enter: Restroom Closed/Work In Progress" Floor Sign (#FS22)

Restroom Closed Floor Sign
Qty: $19.95 each

"Caution: Men Working/Hazardous Area" Floor Sign (#FS3)

Men Working Floor Sign

Qty: $19.95 each